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    Klaudia Kovacs and multi-award-winning Cinematography Legend Laszlo Kovacs


    Forbes Billionaire, Charles Simonyi, and his Non-Profit Organization, The Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences: "The Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences is a $75 million private foundation established by Charles Simonyi, Microsoft Corporation's Director of Application Development, Chief Architect and Distinguished Engineer who hired and managed the teams that developed Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The fundamental goal of the foundation is to provide "access to excellence" in the arts, sciences and education. The Simonyi Fund has given gifts to the Seattle Symphony, the Seattle Public Library, the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the Russian National Orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera and Klaudia Kovacs' historic community project that received several international recognitions. Our experience with the project was very meaningful."
    Doctor of Chiropractic and Nutritionist, Dr. Steve Benedict: "As a direct result of Klaudia Kovacs' coaching my business has grown and continues to grow beyond what I thought possible. She has repeatedly demonstrated her gift of knowing exactly what I needed to do to grow my business to the next level - and she insists that I have fun and take care of myself in the process. Working with Klaudia has been an effective, exciting and transformational journey!" 
    U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Hungary, George Herbert Walker III: "I have been deeply moved by the outcome and the international success of Klaudia Kovacs' wide-ranging and comprehensive project. Ms. Kovacs deserves great credit for her work."
    Winner of Los Angeles “Super Lawyer” Title in Labor and Employment Law 2004-2013, Alfred Klein: "Klaudia is bright, articulate, sincere and hard working. She can be counted on to excel. In my experience with her, she has accomplished the miraculous."
    Pulitzer Prize Winner Writer and Historian, William Taubman: "My experience working with Ms. Kovacs has been entirely positive. I was particularly impressed by the way she mobilized world-renowned Hungarian-American film professionals. I’ve found Ms. Kovacs to be creative, imaginative, highly energetic and extremely competent."
    Happy Independence Day - LA's Indie Film Networking Conference and its Attorney, Tiffany Gray: "Klaudia had a unique ability to personalize the concept of finance... to make it seem tangible. Generally, when people think about financing a project, but have no experience in doing so it can seem like a pipe dream. She was able to break down some of those barriers and provide practical advice not only for finding financing but presenting yourself as a product a financier would want to invest in." 
    Economic Development Office of the SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO) and its Planner, Akos Kovach: "I read, follow national and international best practices & trending, but nowhere can anyone find better content than at Virtually all magazines that report or publish articles on economic vitality, economic trends, business best practices, are written at the macro economic level. These sources are worth reading in order for us to capture global thinking, what is "working" for multi national companies and even governments. But at the micro economic level, the entrepreneur level, the real people on the front lines of creating new business and thus new jobs - what is most helpful is real-time, real-world know how and fact based steps that teach, train and transform. All "My Success Consultant" articles are based upon well-documented, well-studied fact and experience which (if the advice is followed) will result in steps that will lead to success. All articles speak to us at the micro-economic level - data that helps here and now. Therefore, all articles "My Success Consultant" written by Klaudia Kovacs are valuable to anyone seeking a valid path to success."
    Attorney and High-End Real Estate Specialist, Dr. Nikoletta Szabo: "To set up a new life in a different country and make progress is more than challenging. I was hungry for success in my career and financial status, and I wanted to be part of that social network where I used to belong as a lawyer in my native country. Every day is a fight for doing things better but handson heart; we all need inspiration, good influence and a strong trigger in order to reach our goals. For me it was, and is, Klaudia Kovacs all in one. Her life story inspires me not to give up on my dreams. Her remarkable career and achievements show that nothing is impossible. Her radiant personality makes me believe in myself. I have never met a person before who has had a ‘multiple-effect’ on me. I was able to make changes in more areas of my life at the same time. Klaudia has an amazing talent to find clever solutions for every problem, and deliver it in a way that makes you change with an immediate effect. Thank you, Klaudia!"
    Politician and City Council Member Ward II of Norman, OK, Tom Kovach: "Your advice was as clear and precise as it was voluminous and exacting. I found it easy to follow and apply. Most importantly it does produce results. My only regret is that I started my campaign without talking to you first. I would encourage anyone who is taking on a project to consult with you to maximize time and effort. With your help, I raised more funds than originally planned." 
    Broadway Actor and Writer, Ingez Rameau: "What an incredibly successful experience I had on BROADWAY with my One-Woman Show BURN. I couldn't have been happier at the reception of it -- full house and standing ovation, press coverage and so much more. That success would not have happened as effectively had I not consulted with KLAUDIA KOVACS, who helped me build a step-by-step strategy beginning with the initial preparations, then the previews here in Los Angeles, and up to my ultimate appearance on Broadway. The moment I consulted with Klaudia, I could tell she had my very best interests at heart. Her knowledge, know-how and efficiency led me through the maze of marketing, branding, mailing lists, who to contact, how to determine who would be the most desirable organizations to approach with my type of story, and the list goes on. Having worked with her has taught me skills that I am now able to take into the future and continue to utilize for my show BURN and now the book version "The First Flame." Even though I have learned so much from Klaudia, I intend to continue consulting her for the various stages of my projects. I couldn't recommend her any higher. I’m sure you will find her as impressive as I have." 
    The Palmdale Chamber of Commerce and its CEO, Stacia Nemeth: "Klaudia Kovacs of has provided very valuable information to members of the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce. Her articles published in our Vantage magazine are perfectly tailored to our monthly theme and provide members with pertinent information. Klaudia is able to relate her ideas in a clear and concise style. Her articles are well received by our members and help them achieve business success."
    Architect and Writer, Andras Krasznoi: "I found the quick way to start my plans by listening to the advice of Klaudia Kovacs. She gave me a lot of information. I’m much better oriented now, which can be the first step to my successful career."
    Multi-Award-Wining Film Director, Gergely Fonyo: “Klaudia is able to provide you with tremendous amount of help: she knows whom to turn to, what and how to say. Her suggestions are precise, practical and exact. She has great amount of experience; she is a professional." 
    Honorary Consul of the Republic of Hungary and Writer, Helen Ilona Mary Szablya: "I have worked with Ms. Kovacs in many ways and my experience of her business conduct has been excellent and professional. I have witnessed the quality of her work closely and it has been outstanding. I would recommend her for any kind of work relating to: management, leadership, organizing, community, development, 501(c)3 organizations, culture, history, marketing, PR, small businesses, consulting, producing, directing and writing."
    Avant-Garde Performance Artist, Sky Palkowitz: "Klaudia is a gift from the heavens! Thank you for being my Success and Publicity consultant for the big premiere of "CALLING AMERICA: DON'T HANG UP!!" (at the San Francisco Fringe Festival) Without your input and contributions, the show would not be the great success it is today!! I can't wait to work more with you. Klaudia Kovacs rocks!"
    Owner of Old Towne Nursery, Tim Kielpinski: "I went to the Increase my Sales seminar and then signed up for 10 hours of consulting...8 pages of notes at seminar and then 8 pages of notes during each of the 2 phone far....Yes! Klaudia is great - thanks!!!!" 
    Film Producer, Marie Rose: "I recently contacted Klaudia Kovacs for insights about one of my feature projects, and she was immensely helpful with her comments and suggestions. Her far-ranging knowledge about social media and fundraising expertise gave me several ideas that I was able to put into immediate action to best effect. I'm already seeing great results. I definitely recommend chatting with her about your own projects soon!"
    Non-Profit Organization, HavenWorks and its Manager, Szilvia Gilbert:"Klaudia, You are unstoppable... I loved every moment of working with you on the project! Unfortunately time is flying by way too fast. You Are Great! Thank you!"
    Bookkeeper, Elizabeth Ermenyi: "Thank you so much, Klaudia! Our conversation completely changed my way of thinking... you made me realize, if I want to be successful, I have to think for success... and that's the secret I was looking for!"
    Poet, Paul Katona: "Klaudia's seminar was an eye-opener about the incredible marketing potential of the Internet, as well as about teaching a creative, realistic and personal approach to promote products and services."
    Owner and Manager of Pacino's Pizzeria, Frank Spaccarelli: "Dear Klaudia, I just wanted to thank you for lighting a fire under me... Your talents go way beyond one's expectations. I would advise anyone whose business needs a boost to contract with you."
    President & CEO of Shene Gate Pictures, LLC, Chevalier Richard Winter-Stanbridge: “An old Eastern adage says: 'When the student is ready, the teacher comes forth.'There was never a more willing student than I when Klaudia Kovacs was teaching: a Consultants’ Consultant."
    The Loop Community Entertainment Guide and its Sales and Office Manager, Heather Parra: "The meeting with Klaudia Kovacs was very informative. I am not a business owner but as an employee with The Loop newspaper I wanted to learn how to become a better sales representative and office manager. Klaudia gave wonderful suggestions on how to manage my time so that I can better focus on my day to day tasks."
    Touche Film Productions, LLC: "As we began production on our documentary TOUCHE: A Blind Fencer’s Story, we knew from past experience that we wanted to have Klaudia Kovacs on board. Her years of experience of crowd funding, publicity and ability to create a community around projects is invaluable. She has helped us create an international Internet presence and we haven't even finished the film. We now have fencer’s in Paraguay interested in our project. Her information on hiring and working with interns and volunteers is outstanding. We have a fine group of young filmmakers who have been working on our project and Klaudia's advice has been the key."
    Turek Graphic and Web Design and its CEO, Monika Turek: "Dear Klaudia Kovacs, thank you very much for coaching me about, how to do my business better. You are awesome and very knowledgeable about how to run a business and how to help other to run theirs! I highly recommend your success service to any of my friends and business partners. Thank you!"
    Writer, Yudit Ecsedy: “Klaudia Kovacs is focused, logical and methodical. No detail was too small or too large. We got the job done in record time. She is highly capable of fulfilling any project due to her visionary and organizational ability. I can highly recommend her."
    M & M's Sports and its Owner, Maria Curiel: "Klaudia Kovacs, Thank you for holding the "How to Increase Sales" Seminar. You provided information that every business should be using. Experienced business owners tend to get so busy, that we forget the basics. You provided realistic and sensible ideas, along with useful information that can be utilized by any business. You helped me remember to get back to the real goal, generate sales, stop being busy and start being productive." 
    Owner of Kiss Me Forever Weddings, Reverend Yareni Alvarado: "As long as Klaudia Kovacs is around, I will continue using her as my life coach. She definitely has changed the way I set out to do things from a business perspective. As a new entrepreneur, I lacked knowledge on how to make a business successful. Klaudia’s resources have opened doors to opportunities and networking skills."
    Panic Nation Film Production: "While producing PANIC NATION, one of the obstacles we encountered was raising money for the film. Because the film is about the immigration issue, it was a hot-topic and we needed a plan that was outside the box. Klaudia Kovacs was able to develop a strategy that worked very well for us. We raised over $50,000 by creating a community around the project. We held private screenings, house parties, and sold posters, hats, and held fundraisers. Once the film was complete, Klaudia was instrumental in working with our Media Director to create a solid strategy for our media presence. AOL News, CNN and other media outlets picked up on our project. Klaudia’s advice was extremely effective getting our film screened on UniVision and Telemundo. The film reached an estimated 40,000 people (not including film festivals and college/university screenings) and we were able to negotiate over $28,000 in free television advertising for our DVD release thanks to Klaudia and her expertise."
    Beachbody Coach and Trainer, Nicola Wright: "I just had a great phone consultation with MySuccessConsultant - Klaudia Kovacs about my business! She has some amazing tips, tools and suggestions as to how I can take things to the next level! If you haven't connected with Klaudia yet I highly recommend doing so!"
    Film Producer, Eve Jablonkay: "I had been trying to get closer to my goals for a very long time, unsuccessfully, when I decided to try something else and ask Klaudia for help. She was able to show me the way to achieve those goals that had seemed so difficult before. And though I have just started to work with her, I already know it was a good decision to ask her for help."
    Legally Blind Fencer, Catherine Bolton: "Working with Klaudia Kovacs has been a refreshingly, insightful process. She is helping me redesign a new lifestyle after suffering a devastating vision loss. Klaudia has the innate ability to assess qualities and strengths within each individual (all within her first conversation with a new client)! Her positive outlook and creative problem solving skills shine through clients, shedding light on previously hidden solutions. It has been a pleasure working with a genuine professional who understands first-hand what it takes to achieve one’s goals."
    Picture Perfect and its Owner Kathi Hinkle: "I had the pleasure of attending Klaudia Kovacs' Success Seminar. I knew that she was going to present new information from a fresh point of view than previous seminars that I had attended in the past. She did. She not only shared a great deal of knowledge on how to grow your business, she also answered all attendees questions. I now have many different techniques that I can use to assist me in reaching my goal of becoming a more successful business owner."
    Actor and Producer, Don Baldaramos: "There is so much about Klaudia that is smart; if you just listen during your consultation, then you'll be smarter in what you do for your career."
    Owner and CEO of Top This! Apple, Jina Fong: "Thank you Klaudia for your advice today! It was insightful and very helpful, I feel like you've given me some new ideas on how to better my upcoming business. I'm definitely going to be giving you a call in the future, thanks again!"
    Multi-Award-Winning Filmmaker and Entrepreneur, George Adams: “Klaudia Kovacs is a wealth of information and is an excellent resource. She can work with you to achieve your business goals.” 
    Interior Designer and Owner of Du Lin Interieur, Isabelle van Offel Feerick: “Klaudia has been a life saving force in my very busy schedule, she makes everything happen and thanks to her, I will be ready for my opening and actually be in business!"
    Director, Producer, Writer, and Cinematographer, Martha Wheelock: "I felt empowered with some really direct suggestions as to how to get my film word out. If I worked with her further she was ready to get some more definite, doable ideas and plans down. I liked that she was able to put into visible, usable terms what I needed, by restating more simply what I envisioned. I highly recommend her for [Alliance of Women Directors] members to get going, to get focused and to find their path."
    Writer and Author of Hungarian book "Dobd at a kalapod," Piros Sziklay Moro: "Klaudia Kovacs has delivered the work on time, in an accurate, precise and professional manner. I am 100% satisfied with the job she has done, therefore, I am happy to recommend her."
    Owner and Designer of Stone Disegno, Alejandra Whittier: "Thank you Klaudia for the opportunity you gave me to learn and focus on what to do for my business to succeed. It was a great seminar!!! I will be applying some of the tips and information you gave us very soon and I'll keep you posted of the results that I can only imagine they are going to be great!"