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    How to Advertise Your Endeavor 33 Times a Day for FREE by Klaudia Kovacs

    Have you ever felt that if you don’t have a substantial amount of money for advertising, you’re way, way, way behind the game?

    Despair no more! You do send out few emails a day, right? Matter of fact, according to the latest research, on average, you send out 33 emails a day. (Source: The Radical Group, Inc., A Technology Market Research Firm, Email Statistics Report 2011-2015).

    That equates to 237 emails a week and 12,012 emails a year! That’s a lot of emails and people you reach annually even, if you have a core group that you email to regularly. It’s important to mention that these numbers don’t include emails that are sent to more than one person and the ones that are forwarded. In other words, you communicate with a substantial amount of individuals over time even if you are not an avid emailer.

    Now, have you heard of the Rule of Seven? In case you have not, the Rule of Seven is a marketing adage. It says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. 

    Since we all email so frequently, doesn’t it make sense for you to use your emails as an advertising tool? But how do you do that without being intrusive?

    Within your email system there is a tool called “Email Signature.” You can include any text, information, text, color, logo, visual file, or video. In other words, you can share any news with your family, friends, prospective clients, fans, investors, and donors that you choose.

    Taking the Rule of Seven into consideration, over time, people will see your massage so many times, that eventually they will be inspired to check out whatever you are advertising. They may not be interested in buying what you are selling but they might know someone who does and forwarding your email is so easy!

    Your email signature, as all signatures in general, go at the bottom of your letter, so the actual content of the email stays intact. That is why your advertisement in your email signature does not interfere with your main massage. Therefore no one can fault you for “signing” your letter.

    There are several rules to a non-invasive yet truly powerful and inviting email signature. Let me share three of them:

    1. Include a visual file of you or your product. Make sure it’s a good quality picture because the shot will communicate the quality of the service you provide.

    2. Using the theme color(s) of your enterprise is an important aspect as well. Jazz it up and draw attention to your signature by using colors. Use a different one for your signature than you use for the fonts in your main massage.

    3. To keep interest alive, keep changing your signature every 4-8 weeks. You can still have the same message, however word it differently and use various pictures.

    If you want to have an attention-grabbing email signature, it takes about 2 hours to learn how to do it and you can see the results quickly.

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    Where Is the Money? by Klaudia Kovacs

    I have heard you! You are sick and tired of making the same old New Year resolutions over and over again without seeing any results.

    2013 IS the year when most definitely you want to, need to, and are going to make more money and I am the coach to show you how.

    The most frequent objection I hear from people when wanting to work with me is: "I would love to but I don't have the money."

    I know this IS an issue for many, and if you are a business owner yourself, you hear that a lot from your prospective clients too.

    Many think that money is in fact the reason why people do not get the help when they need it. But that is rarely the case. Let’s be honest: We always find a way to have the money if we really want to.

    And there are many ways to get the amount we need. Whether you need money to learn how to increase your income or for some other reason, here is a list of sources you can obtain money from. (You may also share this article with your prospective clients that tell you that the only reason they cannot work with you is the lack of money.)

    1. Job: Get a temporary, part time or full time job. If you REALLY believe in your dream then you absolutely must do whatever it takes to manifest it. An additional income will help you to get the specialized help you need.
    2. Family/Friends: People who love and believe in you want to help you with your endeavors and if they see that you are serious, most likely they are willing to gift/give/loan you money. If they let you borrow from them, probably they will charge you less interest than a bank would.
    3. Stuff: I have never met anyone who did not have an item that they no longer wanted or needed, in other words we all have some junk. That could be an extra piece of furniture, jewelry, clothes, toys, electronic item, perhaps an old vehicle  that you could sell on ebay or at a garage sale.
    4. Budget: Carefully look at your spending habits and see whether you can save up a few hundred dollars by giving up your Starbucks coffee for a while, finding better insurance rates, stop going out for a few weeks, make your beauty regiments less frequent.
    5. Start: Get into action about your money-making plans now. Things may not be perfect but you sure have some skills that you can earn money with on the side. Or just simply start the business you always wanted to have. Create intro rates for the first few clients and start earning money right away.
    6. Credit Cards: I know many people who used their credit cards to fund the initial steps of their big dreams. Financial advisors are not crazy about the idea, but you know what? If you utilize them with a serious vision in mind, and you are purposeful and responsible about paying it back, go for it. Conceptually speaking a student loan is the same as putting a consultation or mentoring program on a credit card; there is no difference, so utilize your cards.
    7. Business Loan: Lending institutions are ready to assist business and entrepreneurs and have established business loans for that purpose. If you want help and need a loan to grow your business, turn to your local bank.
    8. Investments: Sometimes investments are the only source we have for seed money. Accountants do not recommend it but I can tell you from my own experience that several times I used my own investment to invest in myself and my grand vision, and it always paid off. Understand the risks, evaluate and move forward accordingly.

    You can see it yourself, that in fact there are many ways to get money if you are really committed to growing your business. Besides money you will also need a firm decision to move forward. If you want to play a big game you need to act big and get out of your comfort zone.

    Anything is possible when you make a decision. If your actions back up your decisions and there are no more excuses and “buts” than you are ready to do whatever it takes and you will get the support you need to manifest your dream

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    The 3 Basic Steps of Shooting a Video for Your Business by Klaudia Kovacs

    Visual materials are increasingly popular. They take less time than reading and can grab the viewers’ attention faster.

    One of the most popular visual materials these days are videos. It may not surprise you, that the number one activity that people are doing online is watching videos. You too can create videos and you don’t necessarily need expensive equipment.

    The three basic steps of creating a video are:

    1. Writing a script
    2. Shooting the material
    3. Editing the video


    When writing a “script” you don’t need to think of something complicated. I suggest you write an outline first and then narrow it down to what you’d like to say. You can create several segments for your video.

    The most common ones are:

    A, Introduction B, Points C, Offer/Call to Action D, Contact Information

    You do not need to learn the “lines” because shooting your material is easier if you do it in short segments instead of long takes.   


    For shooting a video you will need a camera, a microphone (preferably an external microphone for good sound), and one or two lights.

    Many digital cameras as well as mobile phones have video recording capability. You can use them to create video diaries or simple greetings for your clients. However, if you want a good quality video, you can buy a camera that plugs right into your desktop and uploads the material to your computer. By the way, most video cameras these days are digital, so you will not need to buy any tapes.

    I suggest that you wear solid colors that compliment your face and wear little jewelry. Whether you are a woman or man, you will need to powder your face. Oil blotting tissue (can be bought at any drugstore) is another product that can be very useful before a video shoot.

    If you don’t like being in front of the camera, you can create slides with Powerpoint, use pictures, graphs, inserts, quotes, and other visual material for your video. Make sure you remember to do the narration. You can also use copyright-free music to create the mood for the video.

    When you have set up everything and you feel you are ready to go: Lights, Camera, Action! :- )


    Nowadays there are several inexpensive or even free, user-friendly options for editing. Reading the built-in tutorial for an editing program is recommended. In editing there is a 1 minute/1 hour rule, meaning, 1 minute usually takes 1 hour to edit. If you are just starting out, it is likely that you will need more time.

    Once you’re done with editing, make sure to post your video on your website, social media sites, Vimeo, YouTube, and other sites as well. You can also incorporate them in your email signature, blogs and newsletters.

    Videos are a powerful tool to stimulate the senses of your audience and clientele. They help you to attract customers and generate revenue. Invest energy and money to create them, they be well worth your time.

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    Do You Need an Agent or a Consultant? by Klaudia Kovacs

    Have you created or are you about to create a product (a book, a CD, a painting, a performance, etc.) and would like to sell it, make your investment back, AND earn a healthy amount of revenue from it?

    For many the process of creating is the easiest part. However, once the product is finished, most do not know how to move forward. Assuming that you have not established a Meryl Streep level of fame yet, that you feel lost and do not know how to move forward, here is a guide for you:

    1. An Agent usually wants to sign clients who have established themselves already. If you are on your 1st-3rd product/project, your name might not be recognizable enough to a wide audience for an Agent to be willing to take a chance on you. There are tremendous amounts of people out there who want a great Agent, yet, very few of them can do big things for your career. Therefore, the competition for these outstanding Agents is enormous. On the other hand, you can hire a Consultant any time: a Consultant will welcome you with open arms and support you regardless of where you are with your career.

    2. An Agent takes a percentage, a Consultant gets paid hourly. Depending on the field in which you want to secure an Agent, the percentage will vary. In the entertainment business, Agents for actors usually take 10%. In fine art, they can take 50%. When you work with a Consultant, you usually pay an up-front fee in proportion of how much consultation you want. Based on your goals and the current state of your career, a Consultant should be able to estimate a relatively accurate time-frame with him/her to get you where you would like to go and gain all the knowledge you need to reach the given goal(s).

    3. An Agent mostly cares about your getting a paying opportunity. He/she focuses on the next job, not your overall career. A Consultant will guide your career according to YOUR needs and requests. If your main focus is to create a master plan for your career, he/she will do that for you and the focus can be on both, your next job and your long-term plans.

    4. An Agent has many clients (sometimes even several hundreds). Because of it, even if you are able to secure an Agent, do not be surprised if getting personalized attention will be a rare occasion. By the way, the more established and powerful an Agent is, the fewer clients he/she has. Therefore if you get an Agent who has tons of clients, do not expect big results. A Consultant can work with you one-on-one and when you book time with him/her, he/she will focus on you exclusively, addressing YOUR needs and yours only.

    5. Since an Agent has several clients, he/she has a routine of how he/she does things that is most effective. Therefore you could have no or little power over how and what he/she does for you. A Consultant will work with you in a way that you want to, therefore you can have 100% power over your business matters. 

    6. An Agent solicits the jobs for you. A Consultant teaches you how to solicit and do everything for your own career. How you utilize the knowledge you learned from the Consultant is up to you. It is a self-efficient process and assuming that the Consultant is a good one, your success mostly depends on your executing his/her suggestions. Imagine the process being similar to working with a personal trainer. The trainer can tell you all the dietary rules and show you all the great exercises but if you do not do them and only rely on a once-a-week workout with your trainer, results will be minimal. 

    7. An Agent’s main interest is for you to get a paying job. If you do not book any jobs within a relatively short amount of time, he/she can discontinue the professional relationship with you (and you would be back on your own). A Consultant has no reason to say good bye if you do not produce results immediately; he/she will stand by you as long you want him/her to help you.

    8. Agents will not provide much empowerment, coaching, or personal support. If you choose the right Consultant, you will enjoy full support.

    When I started out my career, a lot of people were telling me that I needed an Agent. Yet, each time I was turned down because I was just a beginner and no one wanted to sign me on. In addition to the heartache the ongoing rejection caused my career to seem like a Catch 22.

    I wish I knew a great and encouraging Consultant back then, who would have shown me how to take matters effectively into my own hands and show me exactly how to book jobs and build a strong resume to have Agents seek me out, and not the other way around.

    If you are in the same position, do know that you can get support and move forward, no matter where your career and projects are at.

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    The 5 Vital Steps of Effective Marketing by Klaudia Kovacs

    Have you ever seen a successful business without a good marketing message? No? Neither have I!

    Matter of fact, there is so much competition out there, people with a strong career now also need to market themselves effectively.

    No marketing, no business – that is what it boils down to.

    Where to begin? What to say? How to say it? What should be your first step?

    1. HIGHER PURPOSE: First, you need a higher purpose which will be defined by your passion. A higher purpose is good for you and for your business/career. Statistics show customers appreciate and support companies that have a higher purpose, i.e. they donate a certain percentage of their sales to a charitable cause.

    You do not have to be religious or even spiritual to have a higher purpose.  You just need to remember the reason you got into your field to begin with. If you are doctor you may have gotten into medicine to heal people, if you are a writer, you perhaps want to lift people’s spirit through your writing. How you contribute to others though your chosen field is your higher purpose.

    2. DEFINE YOUR IDEAL CLIENTELE: Once you define your higher purpose, it becomes so much easier to get clear and focus on the type of clientele you want to serve, a.k.a. “ideal clients.”  The more specifically you can define your customers, the better it is from the marketing aspect. Some things to consider during the patron-defining process:

    • Gender
    • Age
    • Geography
    • Income/Revenue
    • What do they read?
    • What clubs, organizations, groups do they gather?
    • What do they care about?
    • What information do they want most?

    3. PRESENT A PROBLEM YOU CAN SOLVE FOR THEM: Your next step will be to choose a specific problem that you can solve for your customers. Instead of describing your profession (Business Consultant), share the problem you can solve for them (i.e. I can increase profit and clientele for businesses.)

    4. DESCRIBE THEIR STRUGGLE: This will help your potential clients to see that you fully understand their problem. People want to work with individuals who know exactly what they are going through. Similar experiences bond us in life and in business. 

    5. PRESENT THE SOLUTION THAT WILL CHANGE THE COURSE OF EVENTS: Explain the amazing outcome your clients are craving and the results your clients will experience after having worked with you.

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