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    The Three Fundamental Steps to Start a Great Speech by Klaudia Kovacs

    Most of us are asked to give a speech at one point of our careers. Whether it's a 10-second “elevator speech” about what you do or an hour-long keynote about a specific topic, it's useful to be able to communicate our message in a way that it feels authentic, delivers our message effectively while it peaks the listener's interest.

    But how to start an impactful speech especially for a larger crowd? Whatever your topic might be, find comfort in the fact, that there are specific techniques and tools you can rely on to achieve this goal. 

    1. STAND OUT

    You always want to stand out no matter what business you are in for the simple reason that you want to be remembered. The best way to do that is to be unique. Different is always noted, no matter what. Since the audience is used to speakers entering the stage right in front of them, consider engaging your listeners right off the bat by entering from the side or the back (or if you are truly daring from the ceiling). By designing your grand entrance, you can leave a grand impact. The other reason to enter from a different angle is because if the audience has to move physically (like turning their heads), it will refresh them.


    Always prepare an engaging opening when giving a speech. You could start with a surprising fact, a bit of shocking data, a funny line or a moving story. Under any circumstances avoid the “standing-at-the-mike-can-you-hear-me” scene because the likeliness of your losing the momentum is quite high and you don't want that. Instead, you need to ride the wave of excitement that participants naturally have for you and get right to it.


    Taking ownership of the space is as important as showing up. Matter of fact, when you claim the physical space to be yours, that's when you will really be noted by your audience. Once you do that, the likeliness of your delivering a powerful speech will multiply. This is why I highly recommend that if you have the chance to get familiar with the podium, spend some time being there beforehand. Learn about the technical aspects and have a plan B should modern technology play tricks on you.

    You can also personalize the space by adding items, flowers, or even bring your own air freshener (the hypoallergenic type), if that's what's going to help you to feel at home on stage.

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    Are Seminars or One-on-One Coaching Better? by Klaudia Kovacs

    People who want to advance their business or career, and are ready to take the next step, often wonder whether they should hire a consultant or instead take a seminar or two. They probably have heard good things about both and are not sure how to move forward.

    There is no right or wrong answer here; it all depends on your particular situation and goal. The biggest difference between seminars and one-one-one coaching is whether you are seeking information or transformation.

    Seminars are usually are quick and have many attendees. Therefore you will get a lot of information delivered to all attendees, but you will get no or very little personalized attention. That is why seminars are usually inexpensive (compared to individual coaching), because the teacher can pass on the information to many of you at the same time and does not have to work with each attendee’s individual needs. 

    Now as we know it, most of the time, information produces no or little change. A well-known example is weight loss. Pretty much every adult knows how to loose weight: You eat less calories than your body needs. Sounds pretty simple to me! Yet, most people don’t loose the extra weight regardless of the fact that they have all the information. So regardless of the information, there is no transformation.

    The truth is, information has little to do with transformation; you also need commitment! And here is where consultants, mentors, trainers, teachers, etc., come in.

    Let’s be honest, very few people are highly self-motivated and even if they are, they need an extra push to STAY motivated, and that’s exactly what coaches provide to you.

    I read a quote recently: “People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” That is why even Olympian athletes have coaches because they need that extra push to deliver world-class performance.

    A good one-on-one consultant will not only give you the information but will help you to stay on track by inspiring you AND holding you accountable for your commitment to your goal. And that is the realm where real transformation happens.

    Another thing that I’ve observed one-one-one coaching does: It helps you move toward your goal much faster than you could do on your own. Instead of having one team member (you), you have two people working toward your goal. That strengthens your commitment, multiplies your power, and accelerates your speed to get you where you want to go. 

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    5 Ways to Stand Out on Photos by Klaudia Kovacs

    Recently I have had the good fortune to be a Public Speaker for several different companies and organizations.  As pictures arrived after each event, I started noticing what makes a person stand out in a photo.

    It doesn't matter what business you are in, you too will be in situations where your picture will be taken with others.  It’s good to know how you can stand out in these photos so you can use them for your own purposes.  Today's article addresses this very topic, so keep reading. 

    Using professional portraits is a great idea, but sometimes the need for more spontaneous shots will arise; specifically to keep up to date with your social media, blog, or newsletter. In that case, you need photographs where you shine bright.

    You do not need to look like a model to “pop.” You can be “you”, just be the best version of “you”!

    Mary Steenburgen stands out in red1. One of my favorite “tools” for standing out is color. Have you noticed that most people wear black, grey, dark blue, white, or shades of those. I challenge you to go out to any public place and count how many people you see wearing lively colors; you will be able to count them on one hand…

    Find a personalized lively shade that makes YOU look great and wear it to events where you know photos will be taken. I suggest that you don’t try to copy other people’s colors. Every skin tone and complexion is different, and what may look good on your friend, might not look good on you. Find your own unique colors that flatter YOU.

    Here is a bonus tip for the ladies: Once you found your own shades, match the liveliness with your make-up. Remember, when a photographer uses flash it can wash you out, so feel free to be brave with the intensity of your make-up - within reason, of course.

    2. Another way to stand out is with posture. Sounds simple, but then again, go to a public place and count how many people have remarkable posture…?

    Kate Hudson strikes a poseMy dear grandmother used to say: Stand tall, shoulders back, stomach in; she was not kidding.  Back then, her words made us feel like we were in the Navy Seals and there was no arguing with her… While I hated it at the time, I’m extremely grateful for it now. Good posture exudes confidence, and that’s attractive whether you are a man or a woman.

    3. Also, it might be obvious, but smile like you mean it. Happy people are irresistible regardless of gender or age. Be happy, and if you happen to have a gloomy day, at least fake it. The moment will pass, but the photo will stay, so remember that!

    4. Another way to be noticed: Dare to strike a pose. Use your body, that’s what it’s for. Find a way to be one of a kind, figure out a way to stand, hold your hands, lift your arms, something that makes you YOU. Even if you are at a conservative business event, there is a way to express yourself without violating the social norm.

    5. Last but not least, I’m including this little trick because the camera always adds a few pounds and no one seems to like that. If you want to look slimmer, stand a bit sideways. That’s going to give you a flattering effect without having to do much. This little trick is even used by professional models, so why can’t you take advange of it? ; -)

    I hope from now on you will enjoy every minute of having your pictures taken. I invite you to share your new and lovely pictures on my FB page HERE!

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