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    Do you know that I have my own Business Success Column?

    Do you know that I have my own Business Success Column in a newspaper called The Loop? You may find my articles on my website's Press page (fourth from the top):

    Have you heard of my special Christmas discount? 

    Ask Santa to give you the gift of sweet Success this holiday season.  I'm helping Santa to fulfill my clients' request by offering a special Christmas discount to those who are ready to achieve new heights:

    I will be a Keynote Speaker at the Spiritual Expo - Simi Valley, CA this weekend! 

    "Klaudia Kovacs, a Hollywood-based Success Consultant, will talk about individual and collective power and success and how they may be used to contribute to the community."  I'll be on stage at 5 pm!  Can't wait to show you how to increase your success in your business and personal life. Find details here:


    Welcome to Klaudia's Success Blog!

    Welcome to Klaudia's Success Blog!  Soon I'll  start posting useful and practical information on business and personal success.  I will also share the latest with you.  Thank you for your interest; I'm looking forward to contributing to your success!

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