Win an Award, Make More Money, Live Longer by Klaudia Kovacs
Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 6:59PM

Many people in business struggle with finding a way to truly set themselves apart. While there are several tactics to standing out, one of them, for sure, is being an award-winning expert or business.

First and foremost, getting an accolade, even better, several accolades, will definitely boost your confidence. It will also increase your reputation among your colleagues, circle of referrals, clients and potential customers. People will automatically assume, and rightfully so, that your business delivers higher quality of services/products, and you, the recipient, belong to the ”crème de la crème.”

Upon wining an industry-specific award, you may want to start marketing your services to a new segment of society that previously may not have been within reach. At the same time, you may want to increase your fees, which quite quickly, could lead to an increased income.

Italian Director and Actor, Roberto Benigni, at the Academy Awards in 1999Naturally, your new achievements should be included in all your on and offline marketing material, such as your business card, website, social media platforms, bio, curriculum vitae, brochures, etc. When I say included, I don’t mean somewhere at the bottom of the page with small fonts, or end of the brochure with a hardly visible font, but rather display it at a prominent place in a prominent way, next to your name, similarly as the titles “Dr.” or “Ph.D.” are used. 

While not all accolades are created equal, a small award is still better than no award. You should be proud of your new badge of honor regardless, and share it with others! How you share the good news with your community depends on the reputation and significance of the award. While certain achievements only warrant a quick social media post, others call for a press release.

Whatever field you may be in, you should be familiar with your industry’s awards, their hierarchy, and have a strategic plan in place to try to obtain some, most, or all of them (if you are ambitious). Which award in your field you decide to focus on first can depend on your target market. Consider whom you currently serve or would like to provide assistance to in the future.

Either way, getting your peers to acknowledge you will not only bring joy and elevated level of credibility but can extend your life as well. According to a recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine, on average, Oscar winners live four years longer than the nominees do for the same category. It’s safe to assume that these findings would be true in other industries as well.   

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