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    The 7 Secrets of Wikipedia’s Online Power by Klaudia Kovacs

    According to Amazon’s Alexa rankings, Wikipedia is the 6th most visited website in the US after Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and Yahoo and it’s listed before CNN, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That means 18 billion page views and 500 million visitors monthly! 

    If you have ever asked yourself whether you or your company should be listed on Wikipedia, these seven points will make it quite easy for you to decide:

    1. Wikipedia pages pop up in organic searches so it’s an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) power tool that provides you with more online exposure.
    2. The site is free and can be a useful compliment to your website.
    3. Because the pages are easy to navigate, the data is well organized, and the information is presented in a factual way, many people turn to Wikipedia before reading a company’s or person’s website.
    4. Wikipedia uses short and to the point summaries which makes it user-friendly and a primary choice for busy people to gather data from.
    5. Only well-known companies or people can be listed, therefore the site is a fantastic tool to establish credibility.
    6. While not all websites are mobile-friendly, all Wikipedia pages are.
    7. Wikipedia is likely to outlive your website. If you’re in for the long haul it can be an enormous tool.

    Regardless of all these favorable facts, there are several reasons why companies and individuals are not pursuing being listed on Wikipedia:

    A, Some entities may not be aware that they would meet Wikipedia’s criteria.

    B, Some are concerned that it’s a crowd-sourced site which means you will not have full control of your page.

    C, Getting listed on Wikipedia can also be challenging so some don’t even attempt to set up a page.

    While these reasons can be intimidating don’t let them scare you. Give it a try. I personally, as well as my team, have set up several pages for clients already, so I can assure you that it’s not an impossible task though it's more complicated than it seems. (Take a look at the page I set up for my Olympian Mom for Mother’s Day HERE.) If you’re not up to it or you simply don’t have the time, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to help. 

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