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    5 Powerful Steps to Achieve Your Goals in 2015 by Klaudia Kovacs

    To welcome the New Year with all its possibilities, I find it necessary to bring closure to the previous year first. Acknowledging the things you have achieved is as important as reviewing where you fell short and what you can do to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Here are 5 steps to have a solid plan for 2015:

    1. Create a few hours of solitude when you won’t be interrupted. Pick your favorite place in your home and beautify it with flowers, candles, or something that makes you feel peaceful. If you have it, grab your list of goals for 2014 and start reviewing them. Take a careful look at the goals in the three major areas of life: Health, Career/Finance, and Personal Relationships.

    2. Name the very decisions and beliefs that helped you to achieve your goals. Then identify the ones that made you lag behind in other areas. Make sure to do the second part of the process without self-judgment and with acceptance. Take a look at the “cost” of these unfulfilled goals. Now examine how your life would be different if you have met those goals. Linger right here and imagine the benefits of how those goals would effect your life, if they were fulfilled.

    3. Now, write a list of things you need to do to accomplish them in the future and add additional goals for 2015, if you want to. Be careful not to have too many goals, since too many of them can be overwhelming and set you up for failure. Be specific about your new ones and carefully examine what you need to give up to meet those goals. Feel energized by your renewed commitment and pick a theme, a song, a color, or something relating to your senses that will remind you throughout the year what you’re trying to achieve. Creating a vision board would be a fantastic reminder.

    4. Identify the community or people who will be your support system in 2015. Find the individuals whom you can exchange regular empowerment “sessions” with.

    5. Last but not least, find a way to really reward yourself for what you did accomplish last year. Give yourself a gift or several gifts if you want. Spoil yourself especially if your accomplishments feel significant. You deserve it! 

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