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    Nobel Peace Prize winner and U.S. Secretary of State 1973-77 Dr. Henry Kissinger and Klaudia Kovacs


    Many of Klaudia Kovacs’ clients refer to her as “My Success Consultant.”  She has created financial and business breakthroughs for numerous American and International companies and non-profits, as well as cultural, historic, artistic, educational, political, and social causes.

    Klaudia’s specialty is a combination of her “laser-sharp” ability to determine what is needed for an entity to reach their success and her extensive knowledge of: 

    • Increasing revenue & clientele
    • Marketing & PR
    • Website, media, internet & social media presence
    • Fundraising & crowd funding
    • Organization & time management
    • Personalized empowerment & career/resume building 

    She frequently works with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists.

    Klaudia’s Hollywood experience includes feature and documentary films, fundraising, festivals, distribution, PR, media, and Oscar campaigns. 

    Klaudia's clients/associates include:

    • United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 1993-1997:  Henry Cisneros
    • Son of Emperor Charles I, head of the Habsburg family, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, President of the Pan-European Union, European Parliament Member:  Otto von Habsburg
    • Nobel Peace Prize winner and U.S. Secretary of State 1973-77:  Henry Kissinger
    • President of the Republic of Hungary 1990-2000:  Arpad Goncz
    • “Super Lawyer” in Labor and Employment Law 2004-2011:  Alfred Klein
    • Cinematography legend:  Laszlo Kovacs
    • Director of Harvard University Cold War Studies and Historian:  Mark Kramer
    • Member of the U.S. House of Representatives 1981-2008:  Tom Lantos
    • Ambassador to the to the United Nations:  Dr. Laszlo Molnar
    • Multi-award-winning actor:  Esai Morales
    • CNN columnist:  Ruben Navarrette Jr.
    • Leading designer and manufacturer of film and digital cameras for the motion picture and television industries:  Panavision, Woodland Hills, CA and London, UK
    • Minister of State of the People's Republic of Hungary 1989:  Imre Pozsgay
    • Multi-award-winning writer of Sesame Street:  Luis Santeiro
    • Creator of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, listed member of Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires 2008 and Forbes’ The 400 Richest American 2006:  Charles Simonyi and the Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts & Sciences
    • Pulitzer Prize winner Writer and Historian:  William Taubman
    • Largest DVD and CD replication and distribution provider for the home entertainment industry:  Technicolor, Burbank
    • President of Cyprus 1988-1993:  George Vassiliou
    • US Ambassador to the Republic of Hungary:  George Herbert Walker III
    • Oscar winning Cinematographer:  Vilmos Zsigmond
    • Consuls and Honorary Consuls of the Republic of Hungary:  Phillip Aronoff, Dr. Laszlo Bojtos, Ferenc Bosenbacher, Karoly Dan, Laszlo Dan, Dr. Gabor Horvath, Gabor Garai, Andre Molnar, Peter Sarkozy, Helen (Ilona) Szablya, Alexander Tar and Eva Voisin