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    Success, for Klaudia, is the delivery of one's best performance (business or personal) in accordance with one's abilities, talents, and desires.  It is possible to be successful, regardless of circumstances. 

    Klaudia herself had to overcome extreme difficulties to transform her life.  By sharing her story, she wants to inspire her clients.  

    Klaudia was raised by her mother.  When she was seven-years old, there was a gas explosion in her home during which Klaudia witnessed her mother burn to death and their house get destroyed in the fire. 

    After the accident, her seventy-year old grandmother became her legal guardian.  Because of her grandmother’s serious and frequent life-threatening spasms, Klaudia lived in constant fear that her grandmother would also die in front of her.  Klaudia was fourteen-years old when her grandmother passed away.  

    Child services sought out Klaudia’s only remaining immediate relative: her absent father.  He was asked to raise her, but instead, he placed Klaudia in an orphanage.  From then on, she was put in the care of various foster parents.

    At age sixteen, Klaudia requested and was granted “emancipation of a minor” by the government.  She funded her own education and studied Pedagogy at one of the top 10 universities in Europe, the Eötvös Loránd University’s Teacher’s College, Budapest, Hungary.

    Then she decided to immigrate to the U.S.A., even though she did not speak English, had only one American acquaintance, and $200 in her pocket.

    After years of minimum-wage jobs, she had a near fatal car crash that left Klaudia temporarily disabled, in a wheelchair, without a job, and homeless.  Hitting rock bottom she decided to re-invent herself and transform her experience of life from “what happens to me” to “what I make happen.”

    She studied business, marketing, and PR as well as researched life-coaching philosophies, and then started to develop her effective technology of success.  Knowing that all successful people have mentors, Klaudia chose Oscar-nominated actress, Lynn Redgrave.

    Klaudia then managed/wrote/directed/produced many projects, and has garnered 29 international awards. Torn from the Flag, her film about the Cold War and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was presented to the United States Congress and was entered into the Congressional Record. According to several critics and historians it is the “best documentary” ever made about this topic. The project was named "one of the most important cultural events in Hungary" and in 2009, it participated in the Oscar competition in the “Best Documentary” category.

    Meanwhile, Klaudia – a Renaissance woman – became a Hollywood correspondent for several publications and penned over 200 articles and co-authored two books: Hungarian America (2002) and Portrait Gallery of Hungarian Americans (2003). The latter was purchased by 400 libraries around the world.

    During Klaudia’s rise to success, companies and individuals from different backgrounds have turned to her for business and personal advice and her consulting has resulted in financial and personal breakthroughs.

    Klaudia’s “laser-sharp” ability to determine what is needed for an entity to reach their best, her expertise in enterprise and experience in overcoming extreme obstacles, earned her the name “My Success Consultant” which is how her thriving business and life coaching has developed.

    Klaudia and her projects won the following awards and recognitions:

    1. Republic of Hungary - Hero of the Freedom Fight Award
    2. City of Los Angeles - Certificate of Celebration for Contribution to Cinema, Art and Culture
    3. AFI (American Film Institute) FEST - Milestone Selection
    4. Panavision - Young Filmmaker's Sponsorship Program 
    5. Technicolor - Young Filmmaker's Sponsorship Program
    6. Alliance of Women Directors’ Television Shadowing Program, 2012
    7. New York Spotlight On Festival - Best Ensemble Cast Award
    8. Broadway International Film Festival - Best Documentary Award
    9. Mexico International Film Festival - Golden Palm Award for Feature-Length Documentary
    10. Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival - First Place 
    11. CINE Eagle - Best Independent Documentary Award 
    12. Slow Film International Film Festival - Special Prize of the City of Eger 
    13. Slow Film International Film Festival - Special Prize of Agria Television
    14. Slow Film International Film Festival - Festival's Special Award
    15. Minneapolis/ St. Paul International Film Festival - Best of the Fest Award 
    16. Tiburon International Film Festival - Golden Reel Award
    17. Noches de Oklahoma - Special Recognition by the Latino Community
    18. CINE Eagle Competition - Golden Eagle Award
    19. Nevada Film Festival - Gold Reel Award
    20. Hungarian Freedom Fighters World Federation - Certificate of Recognition 
    21. International Technology Institute - Memorial Medal 
    22. Ventura County Reporter - REP Award for Excellence in Production
    23. Indianapolis International Film Festival - Audience Award, Best Documentary, 3rd Place
    24. DocUtah International Documentary Film Festival - Audience Favorite Top Ten Award
    25. Corvina Cultural Circle - Certificate of Recognition
    26. BeeKay Theater - Golden Apple Award
    27. Thalia Studios - Certificate of Recognition - 20 Year Anniversary
    28. Thalia Studios - Certificate of Recognition - 10 Year Anniversary
    29. Torrance Cable Television - Best Short Nomination

    Klaudia is a member of:

    • International Federation of Journalists
    • International Press Academy
    • Association of Hungarian Journalists
    • Film Independent
    • International Documentary Association
    • Alliance of Women Directors
    • Screen Actors Guild of America